Plique a jour earrings in a perspex box with slice of black wattle
“Leaves in a Box” earrings – Plique a jure enamel and sterling silver


Froglet on a Leaf – Recycled gold and jade


“Dragonfly” neckpiece – Sterling silver and paua shell


Artist’s Statement

I consider my jewellery to be miniature sculptural works of art, which move and interact with their wearer.  My work highlights my love and fascination for Australian flora and fauna; celebrating the beauty and wonders of the rainforest and the delicate balance between each living thing.

The subtle colorings of my backing materials suggests to me the delicate nature of the rainforest environment and the interplay of light in the canopy, or the delicate, preciousness and transience of nature.  This in turn emphasizes the part man has to play in maintaining this fragile balance.

Lisa Wood